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An Interpol arrest warrant has been issued for him in connection with Daniel's death Asked if village parents were concerned about the activities at her house, the café owner said: 'This is a poor village and many people made money from Caparas – not just the young people but their parents as well.'When she was arrested, Caparas protested that she was just a businesswoman and pointed out that she had just opened a bottled water shop on the ground floor of her home in North Hills.

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The trainee mechanic thought he was chatting online to a girl in the US and was told by his online tormentors he would be 'better off dead' as they demanded money shortly before he leapt to his death from the Forth Road Bridge in 2013.

She is now in custody awaiting trial for child abuse and trafficking while one of her 22-year-old gang members, Archie Gian Tolin, has since gone into hiding in the Philippines, evading his extradition to Britain over Daniel's death.

Interpol revealed how children working for the gang, which operated at an 'almost industrial scale', would be offered training and incentives including 'holidays, cash or mobile phones for reaching their financial targets'.

They could earn hundreds of pounds in a week shift, police said – a fortune in a rural area where the average daily wage is £5 a day and the main employer is a cement factory in the nearby town of San Jose Del Monte.

Her gang's activities are thought to have contributed to a surge in 'sextortion' cases in Britain with four more suicides in the past year and a doubling of reported cases from 385 in 2015 to 864 so far this year.

Daniel was told by his online tormentors, posing as a girl in the US, that he would be 'better off dead' as they demanded money shortly before he leapt to his death from the Forth Road Bridge in 2013.

When she was arrested in September she wore a t-shirt with the slogan: 'In the happy moments, praise God.

In the difficult moments, seek God'The billiards hall where the computer terminals were found was set up by Caparas four years ago, Ms Espiritu said.

She is in jail but this is the Philippines and she has money.

We all believe she will be free and back home soon once the fuss has died down.'Snr Supt De Jesus said the most harrowing part of his team's work was seeing underage children sometimes as young as eight forced to take part in the cybersex industry by their parents.

The billiards room is lined with 19 cyber-café style coin-operated computer cubicles and is thought to have been the unlikely headquarters of her criminal enterprise, recruiting English-speaking youngsters to seduce and blackmail foreign men online.

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