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A search of Lyles's house turned up several boxes of ant poison, containing arsenic, along with what was referred to as "voodoo paraphernalia"-candles, written spells, potions, powders, and roots.

Huge crowds stood outside the courtroom, hoping to get a glimpse of the defendant whom the newspapers referred to as the "glamorous, platinum-haired widow." Lyles was convicted and sentenced to death for her crimes.

However, she would have been the first white woman executed in the state of Georgia and many politicians weren't happy that such a thing might occur on their watch.

A week later, Lyles produced what she claimed was her mother-in-law's will in which much of her estate was left to Anjette Lyles and her daughters. It wasn't until Marcia grew ill in the late winter of 1958 that townsfolk became suspicious of the deaths of those people closest to Anjette Lyles.

When, after a long hospital stay, Marcia died on 4 April 1958, an autopsy was performed on the child's body and arsenic was found in her system. Lyles Jr., Joe Neal Gabbert, and Julia Lyles were exhumed, it was determined that all three had died from arsenic poisoning.

While the food was typical Southern fare, people flocked to her eatery, attracted by her friendliness and outgoing personality.

Anjette's quickly became the most popular restaurant in town.

The Board commuted her death sentence, and Lyles was sent to the State Hospital for the Insane in Milledgeville.

Georgia's most notorious female murderer lived the rest of her life in that hospital, dying there of heart failure at the age of fifty-two.

She also sparked disapproving gossip when, only a few months after her husband's death, she began dating another Capitol Airways pilot. She often pressed her maid Carmen Howard and her mother-in-law to participate in these ceremonies.

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