Facebook calendar not updating blackberry calendar

These paid services retain Google Sync functionality and, as such, the old instructions remain valid.Subscribers to Google Apps also have access to support documentation with instructions for connecting Google Sync to various platforms.

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While this is dead simple when using Android, and easy enough to view in a browser on a PC, syncing with other platforms is not always so obvious.

Here’s how to sync Google Calendar across multiple different platforms.

If you instead have i Cloud (or some other source) selected at the time the event is created, it will not sync with Google.

The OS X Calendar app tries to make this obvious by color-coding your calendar.

Setting up Google Calendar with i OS is simple, too. Enter your login information (once again, you’ll need an app password if you use two-factor authentication) and once you’ve done that make sure Calendars is enabled. If things aren’t working as they should, you can troubleshoot Google Calendar and i OS some more. Events that you create must be created under your Google Calendar; if they’re created in i Cloud or some other source they won’t sync with Google.

You also can’t create a new Google Calendar from the i OS app.

However, Google started to phase out Sync beginning January 30A good number of users highly value the services provided by Google, including emails, calendars, tasks, documents, and so much more.

But Linux users also love their desktop applications, and how they often integrate very...

Microsoft’s phone platform suffers the same problems as its desktop operating system.

You can manually add your Google Calendar to the calendar app in Windows 10 Mobile.

This will make your Google Calendar visible in Outlook.com, the Windows 8 Calendar app and Windows Live Mail (which bundles a calendar for Windows 7).

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