Evemon not updating

EVE Commander is a web-based application for the management of everything EVE.There are screens for monitoring your market orders, monitoring the price of various items at the main trade hubs, organising your assets and ships, looking up your industry and research jobs, checking on your skills and much more.

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Download EVEMon from the Official Developer Website The basic plans are designed to work with our basic fits and the absolute minimum skill requirements that can be found here.

Our intermediate plans add extra base skills that can be seen in the table below, they are designed to work with the advanced fits on the official TVP website.

Please note that you should upgrade your ship as soon as possible and before completing this plan, so you may need to train some fitting skills to make your fits work before this plan is completed!

Our advanced plans add every skill we can think of that could possibly make a difference to your ship to level V.

For casual skill queue-ers, Eve HQ will suffice, although those who want the best skill planning software available will find Eve Mon more attractive. EFT certainly has an easier to use interface, quicker access to often-used features, and better arrangement of information.

However, Eve Mon’s better features and more intuitive interface give you more control over your skill queues and allow you to understand skill trees easier.

For example, I’ve heard great things about EMMA (although you need to pay for it).

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