Ethiopian women dating marriage

Since my knowledge of Ethiopia was based mainly on news stories dating back to the 1970s-1990s about the famines, scourges and coups that beset the country, the first thought that crossed my mind was that I would be visiting a desolate, hard-scrabble land.

Ethiopian women dating marriage

ADDIS ABABA—This is the capital and largest city of Ethiopia.

This piece of information is mainly for the benefit of a friend of mine, who, after I informed her by text that I was in Addis Ababa texted back: “Okay, keep safe wherever that is.” I confess I didn’t know initially what to expect when the organizers of “Women’s Edition,” a program of the Population Reference Bureau that provides training and information for groups of women journalists from the developing world, informed us that our next seminar would be held in Ethiopia.

Working our way on foot through the Via Dolorosa, or the path that Jesus trod on the way to Golgotha, we ducked into a small, dark church that was administered by the monks of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church.

I would later learn that Ethiopia is one of the oldest Christian countries in the world (dating back to 4 A.

The group was in the Amhara Region of Ethiopia, described in the report as “an impoverished rural farming area where half of all girls are married before they turn 15,” to investigate the social, cultural and economic causes of child marriage, as well as to look into programs, some of them initiated by the government, that have succeeded in bringing down the number of child brides and grooms.

“It’s quite shattering to have met people who were married off,” Tutu told the BBC on a visit to the area.

“In one case the husband was eight and the supposed wife was seven. * * * “AWARENESS” is a principal factor that those behind the successful programs are counting on to end the “abomination” of child marriage.

One approach is the creation of “girls’ clubs” such as Berhane Hewan, Amharic (the native language of Ethiopia) for “Light for Eve.” In these clubs, young girls learn about issues that, so the report said, “have prepared (them) to resist early marriage: personal health, HIV/AIDS, and the medical complications associated with giving birth at a young age, like fistula.” The last, by the way, is the medical condition when, during the process of childbirth, the tissues separating the birth canal and the rectum are torn.

Most of them are tall and willowy, with sharp noses and large beguiling eyes.

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