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Once when I was about eight, I covered a whole stack of drawing paper in sketches of naked people. She plucked up this one of a woman’s naked torso and demanded I tell her what it was. I said the drawing was unfinished and hurriedly drew the face of a cartoon dog over it, the breasts being its gigantic bulging eyes, the nipples its pupils.

My mom seemed to buy my story because she dropped the subject but she still wore a look of incredulity, the kind of incredulity that can only come from watching your eight-year-old frantically draw a dog’s face over a pair of tits.

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You can also make a donation to her Clara Lionel Foundation, which aims to end inequality, poverty, injustice, and to bring education and health rights to everyone.

From getting kicked out of Bible study to metaphysics with strippers—a misanthrope's wickedly witty observations about the ridiculous, raunchy, and frequently disturbing impulses that propel human existence.

This is because Luke represents chastity and virtue while Han Solo represents cock.

I mention this because I was still a few years off hitting puberty, but I somehow sensed that Han’s dangerous virility was more appealing.

With the wit of David Sedaris and the analytical sharpshooting of Sloane Crosley, Ashley Cardiff spares no one—least of all herself—in an absurd and relentlessly funny journey of sexual development.

Cardiff reflects on her introverted, awkward and too-smart teenage years to her slightly bolder (but still uncomfortable) adult relationships, all while exploring the rich anthropological terrain of sex and love.This is about to be the party of the century, so arrive early and stay as late as you desire.We’re thinking the event will go until — well, at least throughout the duration of Rihanna’s new relationship. If you’d like to bring Ri Ri a gift, she loves diamonds, slide sandals, and bikinis for future vacations.They have all the same base impulses and pathological self-interest, but they’re really frank about it because they haven’t learned that you can’t rub your crotch on stuff whenever you want to.The civilized world has suppressed most of those base impulses in adults, but they’re all right there, inside every child.Discover our expert dating advice: Throughout your search, our Customer Care Team is here to help.

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