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The teenage heartthrob was the talk of the town back in those days and it seemed like if he had a bright career ahead of him. Detten was last seen in the premiere of the animated flick, Toy Story 3 back in 2010, where he had reprised his role as Sid. The once promising star has not been involved in any new projects lately and many have started assuming that the glory days of this once famous actor in Hollywood are over.

Erik, now aged 32, once was famous for his slicked blonde locks and baby blue eyes.

Scroll down and check out his short and medium hairstyles.

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It always takes us back to 1998 when the film was first premiered and became the most memorable Disney Channel Original Movies ever.

In fact, for many fans, it is still one of the best Disney movies even today.

He currently spends his free time hiking, surfing and playing tennis.

In a girl I look for honesty above all, someone who I can carry on a conversation with, someone who has a good sense of humor, someone who's true to herself, and to top it someone who can get ready for a date in less than ten minutes.

However, the son of a German immigrant father and a Russian Jewish and English descent mother, Detten seems to have lost his charms.

But no matter what, he will always be considered one of the coolest and finest actors of his time.

Years have passed since the Disney Channel original movie ‘Brink! But the impression that actor Erik Von Detten made in our hearts as a young and passionate skater in the movie is still fresh.

It is hard to believe how quickly time passes, but fans are still in love with Erik and his character in the movie.

But nobody really knows about his present day love life as he is not active on Twitter and Instagram. Besides acting, the gentleman loves landscape photography.

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