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The flow is enough to just recover the air in the space before my next hot rubbery scented breath.

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I have made other entries on the experience of total rubber surrender and isolation encased in these wonderful layers of stretchy latex. The skin has 100 percent contact and reception from the smooth rubber.

Each move brings a new sensation of massage as the rubber wraps around me and caresses all of me.

Alas I have found the rubber mother lode of solo rubbering and the resultant nirvana.

The next step is surrender to a partner but that must wait for the right time. I pull on latex stocking-foot chest waders also once available from Hydroglove.

Feel free to visit my Yahoo Group and read some of my latex/rubber fantasy stories or browse my collection of photos I've collected from the Net. First I put on my three Hydroglove dry suits with full hoods under the suits. Then I push a corrugated rubber breathing tube for my gas mask into the wader.

Once the inlet of the tube is in the space at the crotch, I use a flat gasket made from an old glove and Gorilla tape to seal the tube between the wader and the outer dry suit shirt. I put on a wide belt above the tube but over the sealed gasket and cinch the belt tight.

I've enjoyed all types of rubber and latex including boots, waders, wetsuits, rain gear (rubber only), gloves and latex clothing. Then we moved to a place and there were hip boots in the basement.

I am a total enclosure lover and enjoy sealing myself in total enclosure whenever I can. My sister had a pink rubber raincoat, the heavy type from the 50's. I tried them on and immediately liked the rubber covering my legs, not to mention the boot tops reached all the way up to my little wee-wee and I'd get these most wonderful feelings.

I also post pics from the Internet on that site and have thousands of photos dealing with heavy rubber, latex and wetsuits. I used to live in Washington State and enjoyed wearing my latex outside in the rain we regularly had. I have since retired and my old collection has seen better days.

You can also find my writings posted on Gromets self bondage plaza in the Latex Stories section. But now I am rebuilding a collection based on Hydroglove dry suits - I have three Hydroglove suits, Hydroglove stocking-foot chest waders, a Latex Catfish heavy rubber "dry suit", perforated eye hood, gas mask hood, M-40 gas mask with secondary skin attachment, and an Israeli gas mask that I made completely sight-free many years ago.

When I put on the mask and tighten the harness the only air I receive must come from the space inside the wader.

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