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After two visits to St Thomas's Hospital in London for eye tests, I saw a neuro-ophthalmologist at King's College Hospital and my condition was finally given a name - blepharospasm.I had never heard the word before and didn't even know how to spell it.The doctor that creates the treatment must have intimate knowledge of the patients’ health and create a treatment plan that covers all of the symptoms focusing on the most chronic areas.

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Each medication is started on a low dosage and gradually increased to higher doses as the disease progresses and the side effects are known for the individual.

A more site-specific treatment is the injection of botulinum toxin.

A mutation in the DYT1 gene causes the loss of an amino acid, glutamic acid, in the Torsin A protein.

The defective protein creates a disruption in communication in neurons that control muscle movement and muscle control.

The type of surgery performed is specific to the type of dystonia that the patient has.

The disease is more commonly found amongst Ashkenazi Jews.A fourth option in the treatment for the symptoms of torsion dystonia is surgery.Surgery is performed only if the patient does not respond to the oral medications or the injections.Over the following months, my eyes got so bad that I took to wearing dark glasses.I would walk my sons to school to see friends and miss them because my eyes were shut.The occurrence of torsion dystonia in the Ashkenazi Jewish population as stated by the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health of Yale University School of Medicine in New Haven, CT; "Reports dating to the beginning of this century describe Ashkenazi Jewish (AJ) families with multiple cases of ITD either in siblings (Schwalbe 1908; Bernstein 1912; Abrahamson 1920) or in parents and offspring (Wechsler and Brock 1922; Mankowsky and Czerny 1929; Regensberg 1930).

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