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Other times they’re the result of ideological stands against the devaluation of artistic output (Joanna Newsom), or cranky nitpicking about audio quality (Neil Young).

Jo Jo, who shot to the top of the Billboard charts at the age of 13 with her debut track "Get Out (Leave)", released her first new single in nine years in April titled Gettin' the chords warm w @steviemackey today...

Singing a touch of the boo thang @mnek 's "Wrote A Song About You"....

It has been 15 years since Aaliyah died in a plane crash, ending a life and career that were only beginning to realize their full potential.

The three albums she released while alive influenced some of today’s most significant artists—Drake, Beyoncé, the Weeknd, and many more. In fact, Aaliyah’s most popular, most important works—the albums , and late-career singles like “Are You That Somebody?

Kate Hudson is a 37 years old American actress, screenwriter, producer and film Director.

In 2000-2007 Kate Hudson was married to rock musician Chris Robinson.

Knight, in turn, described Hankerson as “very evil.”But the two remained in contact, and within a few years they were married. Both Hankerson and Knight already had children from previous marriages.

Knight’s, whose signature hit, “Midnight Train to Georgia,” had just been released, was world famous at the age of 30; Hankerson, 27, was a complete unknown.

Hankerson began to use Knight’s connections and capitalize on her celebrity.

He appeared with her on that cover, sporting a tasteful leisure suit, a trim goatee, and an Afro.

Earlier Sunday, Drake was spotted dining with his producer Angelo Ferraro and an entourage of a dozen at Siena Taven Miami, a new hotspot run by Chef Fabio Viviani. and snacked on grilled octopus, burrata and kale Caesar salads.

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