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This Sunday the Brisbane Times reported on a story about a man who found out his profile photo was in the top search results on Google Images for the search term “Profile Photo” and not only that, he found out that the picture of his face was being used for fake profiles, on resume’s, dating sites and more.

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Twitter isn’t the only platform with this issue, Facebook and Instagram also have a big problem with fake accounts, which probably really took off with the original “My Space” In the case of the man reported in the Brisbane Times, his profile was also used on a dating app.

There are thousands upon thousands of fake accounts on dating apps that use “stolen” photos to make those profiles appear more “normal” and attractive.

Twitter had a huge problem with this in the early days, (they are getting better at deleting them but there are still millions of fake Twitter accounts) with scammers creating hundreds of fake accounts to “follow” and popularise accounts.

Users who wanted to look very popular on Twitter could buy thousands of Fake “Bot” (Robot) followers for as little as five dollars.

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