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It very much molds you into a perfectionist," she says.

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As she says, "If you're just like, 'Hey, I won a gold medal and I have three Olympics under my belt and I broke down barriers,' and you do nothing else, it means nothing."So she aspires to give those medals meaning.

Years removed from that red, white and blue leotard, Dawes continues to inspire.

Dawes, a 19-year-old from Silver Spring, Md., capitalized on the opportunity with this performance and nabbed bronze, thus becoming the first African-American ever to win an individual event medal in gymnastics.

The casual sports fan probably doesn't know all the details of this accomplishment, but no doubt some of the reason she resonates so strongly with so many people is because she was the only black woman on the team.

It’s mid-May inside a ballroom at the Petroleum Club, where waiters clad in tuxedos serve filet mignon in mushroom-Merlot sauce, and highlights of America’s most famous gymnasts ­unspool across projection screens. “You should go back to that hairstyle,” Jaycie Phelps jokes to Amanda Borden, who 20 years ago sported a now-regrettable feathery bowl cut. They weren’t a team so much as longtime foes who now happened to be competing together. The two gymnasts who trained under Béla and Marta Károlyi, Moceanu and Strug, were kept separate from the others, eating and preparing by themselves. Still, seven relative strangers connected at that frat house, like an Olympic version of . led second-place Russia by a comfortable margin; only the vault remained, and six of each team’s gymnasts would compete there, with the strongest competitors up last. her second, as the crowd let loose a collective gasp. She wanted to celebrate with her teammates and eat a veggie burger.

“Good gracious,” whispers Shannon Miller, winner of seven Olympic medals. “Hey,” Borden responds, “it was the ’90s.” They’re grown up now, these women who submitted themselves to what amounted to a sociological experiment: Take seven Olympians aged 14 to 19, make them celebrities overnight, put them on Wheaties boxes and swell their bank accounts beyond their wildest expectations; then send them out into the world they had ignored while perfecting their craft, and watch their lives fork in every direction. That’s them, singing the national anthem from atop the medal podium, eyes wet—” Moceanu interrupts as she hoists a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon. Dawes, Miller and Strug had competed at the 1992 Games in Barcelona, with Miller winning two silver and three bronze medals; the others each collected a bronze. Moceanu went fifth, after Phelps, Chow, Miller and Dawes. “That’s when I started to get scared,” says Phelps. She wanted to rehab in hopes of competing in the individual events.From 34 stories above the flat expanse of Oklahoma City, the view spreads endlessly beyond the floor-to-ceiling windows. ” Then she took off as her teammates watched from the end of the runway. S.] has never had a team of women capture so many hearts, imaginations and a gold medal on the world’s biggest sporting stage.” Strug has never so much as practiced a vault again.But the crowd assembled at the Inter­national Gymnastics Hall of Fame dinner is looking back instead of down. That’s how they earned their nickname: the Magnificent Seven. But I’m so glad, after everything, that we’re here now.” The Magnificent Seven ­arrived in Atlanta roughly a week before the Olympics and moved into a fraternity house at Emory University where they had their own chef and security detail as well as newly installed televisions in each room. Sometimes she can’t believe how she reacted to the win, with a mixture of emotions rather than pure joy, or that she cared even a little about her missing pants.On her first day in Atlanta, Moceanu stopped by an Olympian welcome area. ­Instead they remember random moments: Borden consoling a tearful and nervous Dawes with a sort of prayer before the uneven bars . While she dealt with two torn ligaments, her teammates sped to Planet Hollywood to attend a party thrown by Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. coaches met at the house and discussed keeping the seven athletes together post-Olympics in order to maximize their earning potential. “It wasn’t one of those things where you’re like, Jeez, I could never run that fast,” Steinberg says.At 14, weighing 75 pounds, she couldn’t find any swag that fit. • Olympic trials preview: Which five gymnastics will be named to 2016 team? When reporters asked Chow what she would have done if her trials fall had cost her a roster spot, she shot them a quizzical look. Several of the gymnasts watched the opening ceremony together in their Emory living room, placing their hands over their hearts during the national anthem. They later met with the second incarnation of the Dream Team, posing with Shaquille O’Neal and Penny Hardaway. Phelps and Borden visited the Olympic Park wearing disguises, baseball hats and sunglasses covering their faces. In the aftermath, while the security detail took the gymnasts to Dairy Queen for Blizzards, commercial interests assumed a primary role. The majority of them believed the gymnasts needed to put off college and tour right away. And still they competed—in who could pull off the best pranks, putting milk in someone else’s chalk or hiding each other’s costumes or changing the music for routines. Strug did a separate tour on weekends, attending UCLA during the week. “America could relate to Kerri Strug.” Strug, meanwhile, wanted to relate to everyday Americans.They didn’t necessarily expect to win, but they knew they were capable. In one snapshot O’Neal lifted Moceanu, lying sideways, above his head, like a standing press. The gymnasts later lunched with President Bill Clinton and toured the White House. Someone eventually asked Borden if there was anything left in her life to accomplish. They were children, really, if not in age, then in life experience. One left the room thinking, “This .” The tour ballooned from 34 cities to more than 90 performances, and the gymnasts traversed the country in their own bus, rock star contortionists performing their Olympic routines to sold-out crowds. She eventually joined the others, but a schism had developed. “The other girls were jealous,” says Leigh Steinberg, Strug’s agent for about a year following the Atlanta Games. She had always been shy and sheltered, and she craved a normal college experience after everything settled down.

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