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What is really going on with these types of similar genes and how can they be interpreted within a special creation model as opposed to a naturalistic framework?

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There are three main types of tumor suppressor genes.

One type signals cells to slow down and stop dividing.

With the advent of modern biotechnology, researchers have been able to determine the actual sequence of the roughly three billion bases of DNA (A, T, C, G) that make up the human genome.

They have sequenced the genomes of many other types of creatures as well.

Although not the topic of this article, a single animal gene can code for a wide variety of different proteins through a variety of complicated regulatory mechanisms.

When scientists discovered this phenomenon, it totally negated the one-gene/one-protein mentality that originally existed when DNA sequence first began to be studied.When these genes are functioning properly, they code for proteins that can prevent or inhibit the out-of-control cell proliferation that forms the basis for the growth of tumors.When tumor suppressor genes are inactivated due to a DNA mutation, cell growth and division are no longer kept in check, resulting in cancer.The Ultimate Genetic Programmer Generally, the more common a cellular process is between organisms, the more similar its various components will be.Does this indicate random chance evolutionary processes, or could it be an example of the Creator’s wise and efficient use and re-use of genetic code in different creatures to accomplish a common and basic cellular function? Ask seasoned computer programmers how often they completely re-write long, complicated blocks of code when they already have what they need somewhere on file.When comparing DNA sequences between animal taxa, evolutionary scientists often hand-select the genes that are commonly shared and more similar (conserved), while giving less attention to categories of DNA sequence that are dissimilar.

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