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I will quote the latest version of the post about this from the other forum, since it has a LOT of good info and if there are people reading now who want more info, that post would be a great start so I'll shamelessly copy it here for your benefit as well.A couple of other guys I know (who also post here at WHT) have since started this diet, and they're having a great success so far (well 1 is, the other JUST started it like this week so hard to say if he's having a success yet I guess).

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That there are other ways to lose weight, that losing more than 2lbs a week is unhealthy, anything negative about it that you can't back up, etc) then do not post in here.

Many people shat up the last thread and it's not longer going to be tolerated. Please do not come in and say "I need to lose 20lbs and ordered this, blah, blah, blah.". It is UNHEALHY to do this diet to lose that small an amount of weight.

* Ketone strips are an efficient way to keep your ketosis in check.

You can find them between 5$ and 20$ at your local pharmacy (usually behind the counter) * You do not mix the shakes with milk * Do NOT take diet pills while on this diet.

Maoist Banker's portion has been removed as the pictures no longer work.

Let's just say he's done an awesome job and lost a ****ton of weight.So far, many people on SA (and of course other places) have had much success with this diet.Please come and share your stories, questions, concerns, etc.So I figured I'd share here, I can't help it but I have a tendency to almost sound like a bad shill for medifast if I get going about it --huge amount of quoted crap below here-- Medifast is a VLCD that puts your body into a state of ketosis.It's a drastic diet for obese and severely overweight people that have had much difficulty shedding the pounds on other diets.Finally 2 months ago a buddy of mine linked me to a post on a forum he frequents (and I lurk but don't really frequent) where he started this diet called "medifast" and he was losing weight, he went from something like 229 to 167 in the matter of something like 13 weeks, and he knew I really needed to do something about MY weight.

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