Did justin timberlake dating jessica simpson

But credit JT for getting Britney at her peak, and possibly being the first to cash sex is for after marriage, so maybe he isn't as lucky as we all think.Their relationship was short-lived, and Lima is now Mrs. So not only does Jaric make millions of dollars to score 7.1 ppg in his career, but he also married one of the hottest girls on the face of the Earth.Someone please present Jaric with the "Luckiest Man in the World" award.

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One thing's for damn sure though, they are doing better than the rest of us when it comes to the dating resume department (and the money department..the fame department).

The traditional Biblical first name makes a refreshingly normal, albeit rather uncommon choice, amidst the recent crop of creative celebrity monikers, while Randall is the name of Justin's father and is in fact the singer's own middle name. It's been the ultimate luxury label since Coco Chanel first founded it, up until the here and now with Karl Lagerfeld at the helm.

We're taking a look at the rest of their sweetest snaps, from working the red carpet to riding bikes.

Scroll through to see their love through the years, and don't forget to check out even more adorable celebrity couples!

She wrote: 'My amazing son and his beautiful wife have given us the most precious gift in the world! From the 2.55 handbag, to tweed two-pieces, the label have a plethora of iconic items under their belt.

Of all the designer labels out there, Chanel takes some beating.

What is apparent though, they both got to tout some serious assets on their arm if you know what I mean. While Justin Timberlake has dated some stunningly gorgeous girls, Jeter's resume is as thick as a phone book, and Jeter dated two of them before Timberlake.

If Jeter does get married to Minka Kelly and Timberlake starts dating Mila Kunis (as many have speculated), that could leave Timberlake at the top of the mountain.

Looking through the dating resumes of even the most obscure athletes or guitar players makes me question why I graduated with a degree in finance and now work long hours, while these guys get to have fun for a living. They have been linked to being on-again, off-again ever since.

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