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"We were buying something off of them they didn't even know they had: the sleeves off their vests," Anderson says.

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I'm standing in the studio at Engadget's San Francisco headquarters, holding the remains of a pulverized, cream-filled doughnut.

The pastry's sticky, off-white filling clings to the shaft of a bright pink vibrator, taped to the end of a silver, cone-shaped device with three arms that come together at a point and a horseshoe-shaped base.

In the demo video he posted to You Tube, a bright purple, anatomically correct dildo is strapped to the end of the device, taking advantage of the modular control knob that would have allowed gamers to attach a gun for first-person shooters, for example.

The Falcon may look like a sophisticated robo-fuck machine to the untrained eye, but as I found out during our doughnut demo, it lacks the precision and force to properly penetrate a pastry, much less a contracted human orifice.

The device was introduced to market with a handful of fun but rudimentary mini-games and a port of , but without big-name titles, it was going to be hard to drive mass-market appeal, and without a strong user base, it was near-impossible to secure integration with big-name titles."We'd go to a game publisher and say 'I want you to support our new device,' and they would say, 'It's amazing but come back to me when you have a million install base,'" Anderson says.

In order to break free of the "chicken and egg" conundrum, Novint started buying up the "3D-touch rights" to major video-game franchises.The headlines were largely positive, but no one was ready to call it a success just yet.After years of refining its vision and business model, the company had landed on a play for the video game market that could bring industrial-grade haptic controls to consumers worldwide.This disembodied robot boob is the Novint Falcon, a one-time game-changing game controller turned teledildonics legend.Kyle Machulis, hardware engineer and sex-tech enthusiast, is here to reenact a demo he posted to You Tube in August 2007."We were hitting all of our milestones, all of our investors were happy, we were about to get much broader distribution. They said, 'If you can get game support, then we want to carry you with our devices.' Play Station, in particular, when we told them about the EA deal, we were ready to move forward and get support for the PS3.

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