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We rounded up our favorite podcasts and a sick playlist to keep you tri-ing strong. DC Rainmaker Who: Ray Maker and Ben Hobbs When: Founded in 2015 Why: Maker’s exhaustive product-testing blog has been around for almost a decade; on his podcast listen for tons of tech talk without any dry filler. I listen to this one when I want to feel like a 17-year-old again.” “Raise Your Weapon,” Deadmau5 “Quite possibly my favorite song to listen to late in a long run.” “Look into My Eyes,” Bone Thugs-N-Harmony “This song makes me feel like I am back home in Northeast Ohio.

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It’ll also guarantee that you never forget to thank a volunteer again.

One of the country’s most difficult-to-enter events, the New York City Triathlon, offers all volunteers a first crack at registration, as do most Ironmans.

Hoof it Goss recommends taking public transportation whenever possible, particularly when outside of the U.

S., and also suggests staying close to the race site to save on back-and-forth taxi rides or rental car fees.

We talked to the experts in keeping multisport fun, fresh and affordable.

They served up their ultimate life hacks to help you reap the benefits of triathloning without sacrificing your sanity. In surfing, “stoke” is the feeling you get when you’re tucked into a wave’s breaking barrel—the thing that drives you when the water’s freezing, the wind’s whipping up and the paddle out is lonely and long.

Volunteer hard enough in New York by becoming a volunteer team captain, and they’ll even give you a free entry.

Programs like Ironman’s “Charity Entry” allow athletes to raise money for a cause near and dear to their hearts while either receiving a discounted or free entry to select events.

In triathlon, it’s the thrill of nailing a workout, nabbing a new PR or scoring a sweet piece of new gear. Triathlete Training Who: Eric Schwartz When: Founded in 2013 Why: Schwartz’s podcast focuses more on the coaching, training and the science side of the sport.

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