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I have been baiting and compiling info on him for a while now and have had a couple of girls contact me saying they seen what I have put together and asking what to do. Unless of course your baiting him Of note he also uses a lawyer to send the below script which has changed a little from the time you were baiting him, the lawyers email address is [email protected] his accountant [email protected] he uses occasionaly or you may even be contacted by him from [email protected] he uses to play the part of either his Aunt or his daughter Dear xxxxxx, Am Mr james Anthony Ikenna ,am a Nigerian lawyer and i work for Mr Smith.

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First email from him (via From: "[email protected]" Sent: Friday, 18 July 2008 Subject: hi angel Babe how are u? i couldnt take my eyes off you when i saw your pic, i admired you so much and you are so beautiful. I got suspicious and asked him how come he got many nicely taken pics?

, he said he got his picture taken by a photographer [yeah rite! He send me a few emails, and one of those online love letters (something like ecards).

Thanks, Ben *UPDATE 23/02/2008* – I’ve had to remove some comments as the blog was collapsing under the weight!

These comments have been archived and you can view them here: Archived Global Pension Plan Comments *UPDATE 13/11/2008* – I’ve had a few problems with the blog over the past 24 hours which resulted in a restore from backup.

The scammers are using their images without their knowledge and permission to deceive their victims and scam them out of money. Thanks for the interest in my profile, i would love to meet you.

Want to know if you still care to continue with this connection? I'm new here, but I was contacted by someone using this picture, but he calls himself Dan Desmond and is using the im name of leesvilleangel and email [email protected]'m so glad I found your site.

*UPDATE 22/12/2008* – Just for fun: The Global Pension Plan – Stella’s Updates *UPDATE 16/06/2009* – Now that Stella is gone or dead or whatever – she’s not writing the updates in any case – let’s just remind ourselves of when the final date for GPP is (from the official site): Deadline & General update The Final Deadline: 31st of January 2009 During the last week and half we have been closely in touch with the insurance company and the financier of this project and agreed the final deadline to be set on the above mentioned date.

The current turbulent financial climate has created a great pressure to finish the program as soon as possible.

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His latest emails seem a little more desperate so it probably would be a good time to play with him This same guy contacted me from using the ID as collins_UK and Yahoo IM as [email protected] claimed to be a 35 year old man from the British Virgin Islands, he's been there taking care of his late father's precious stones business. my id, martincollins37 His yahoo email headers: From Martin Collins Mon Jul 21 2008 Received: from [] by web59701ac4.via HTTP; Mon, I did the header analysis on the above header, and result for originating IP address is from Malaysia, is that correct?

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