Dating your real estate agent

Undivided loyalty to and acceptance of your client is a must in this relationship.

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Here are some signs that you are married to or dating a real estate agent: Negotiations If your loved one is amazing at negotiating everything, you can bet that he or she gets lots of practice with real estate contracts and deals.

Confident Does your special someone exhibit confidence?

Home-buying and selling tends to be a personal transaction – someone is choosing where they want to return to at the end of a long day, pour themselves a glass of whiskey (or wine! Agents should constantly remind themselves of this as they engage in this business partnership.

While meeting with your client may just seem like another task on your schedule, on their side, it could be a potentially daunting activity.Establish trust between you and your client and they’ll have you in mind for further potential real estate transactions.Hey, if you’re lucky you might even get a call from them in the future.Nobody likes to feel like they are burdening someone else, which can be common if one feels like they aren’t being valued.To prove to your client that you’re in it for the long haul, In short, realtors must treat this relationship not so carelessly.As stated above, your client has hired you for a reason: to hand-hold them through a number of tricky negotiations in a tricky market.

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