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Last November, they'd even dropped some cash at the Austin Art Cow Auction, a celebrity-studded charity event hosted by Jay Leno.

In an obvious nod to the club roots of their fortunes, they acquired "Discow," a mirror-covered grazer that they stuck on a rotating platform on the roof of Stack, creating a glitter-ball effect across West Fourth.

That was the proverbial tip of the iceberg: Backed by a slew of acronyms in uniform – the IRS, TABC, APD, and the state Comptroller's Office – the feds were moving from bar to bar in what was clearly a targeted operation and not some random sweep.

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Theirs were the glossy, high-end, high-concept establishments – one step below private clubs, one step above shot bars.

They were the men who introduced bottle service to Aus­tin and built a shark tank into the dance floor at Qua.

Leaner, with brown, curly hair that would never give away his kinship, he stayed in the family trade, first running Pure Ultra Lounge and then starting Famous Vodka. They could be flashy – a common story is that they were never without their Rolexes – but that's not a crime.

Under Mike, Yassine Enterprises ran eight clubs, stretching from Sixth to the Warehouse district, and had recently been picking up rave reviews for its first foray into dining, Stack Burger Bar.

That was the first day of their detention hearing in the U. Although the defense presumably knows who this source is, his identity and current whereabouts have not been discussed in court.

While the press and the blogosphere have gone on a feeding frenzy over Mike, Steve has the most charges pending.

No one could ever accuse them of scrimping on their bars, but on the street, they were always divisive. Disgruntled ex-employees were suing over unpaid salaries.

Kiss & Fly had a reputation for being the least gay-friendly gay bar in town.

The clubs seemed to be surviving the recession well enough: The heart of the empire remained the desperately unhip Treasure Island, but the business itself was moving to the more upscale stretches of the Warehouse District.

That was where the Yassines had their offices, and they were eyeing the vacant site at 219 W. They had even made forays into the gay scene, with Hyde and Kiss & Fly.

He became a multimillionaire and took his brothers with him.

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