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Jihoon wasn’t mean or anything, and he grew out of it, but he was a selfish child.

He worried exclusively about himself, as most children, always vying for their own survival and happiness, tended to do.

His parents - unnecessarily, Yoongi had already been following after his brother - requested that he make sure they didn't run off while dinner was cooking.

Of course, because Jihoon and Jimin loved nothing more than to make Yoongi's life fucking , they were disappearing down the street by the time Yoongi made it through the door.

As Yoongi hears it, the boys had been born in the same hospital.

Their parents met in the lobby, or something, both carrying newborn babies and suggested a play date.

Once those began, they went well, and Jimin has been something of a fixture in Yoongi’s home for literally as long as he can remember. Yoongi, now, thinks it must have happened when he was ten.

His very first memories feature Jimin and Jihoon, always together, always just out of reach. He was perpetually worried about his younger brother, nervous he would get hurt or abducted after someone taught him the phrase stranger danger and he saw Jihoon running aimlessly along the sidewalk with cars passing by that Yoongi immediately decided he didn’t trust.Jimin, though, similarly to Yoongi, watched out for others as much as he did himself.He just did it a little more loudly, babbling out compliments and asking if people were happy and doing the thing that only kids can really get away with where he would try to force your frown into a smile by pushing his chubby little hands against your cheeks until you complied.There was something about his laugh, especially back then, that was infectious.It was hard not to be happy when you heard the sound. For all that Yoongi, as a young boy, understood about personality, something about Jimin’s seemed special.He was startled silent when Jimin's face was suddenly centimeters from his own, eyes scrutinizing every inch of skin."What are you doing?

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