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This can result in breaking-up, cheating or divorce. But maybe it’s not even social media that ruins relationships, maybe it’s the poor decision making skills people have.

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While in a relationship, there has emerged a sort of etiquette for how to approach Instagram.

Such as, beware of the “like” button and if you have important information to say–don’t say it on Instagram.

It would be extreme to break up completely based on it.

It’s just social media, everyone has their right to voice their opinion.

Facebook opens an easy door to connect with past relationships, and the dating culture is an ever-evolving beast.

According to a University of Texas at Austin survey: out of 1,600 married couples, 32 percent of heavy social media users say they have thought about leaving their spouses, compared with 16 percent of people who don’t use social networks.

It’s not truly official–until it is Facebook official.

New couples connected with the Facebook world can’t wait to announce their courtship publicly. Here’s a status to dislike: according to a survey by Divorce-Online, a British legal service, nearly one-third of divorce filings in 2011 mentioned the word Facebook.

Affairs may have taken months to develop in the past, but thanks to Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram, an ex-girlfriend or boyfriend is just a click away. More than another social media form, Instagram seems specifically about comparison.

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