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It can be hard to acknowledge that your child is having difficulty in schoollet alone a potential learning disability.Perhaps you have worried that by calling attention to your child’s learning problems he might be labeled “slow” or a “discipline problem,” or sent to the wrong class.This does not mean your child is “slow” or less intelligent than your child’s peers.

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If you have observed several of these signs in your child, consider the possibility of a learning disability.

It is normal for parents to observe one of these signs in their children from time to time.

Parents can help children with learning disabilities achieve success by encouraging their strengths, knowing their weaknesses, understanding the educational system, working with professionals and learning about strategies for dealing with specific difficulties.

Most importantly, if you suspect you or your child has a learning problem, don’t delay in seeking help and taking action!

Because learning disabilities cannot be seen, they often go undetected.

Recognizing a learning disability is even more difficult because the severity and characteristics vary.

But if your child consistently exhibits several of these signs, it is important for you to take action to get him the help that he needs.

Have you noticed that your child has: It is never too early to seek help for your child, but waiting too long could be very harmful.

And regardless of who may tell you that it’s a “phase” or “nothing to worry about,” only you know how much your child dreads Monday morning. In fact, the only “wrong” thing to do is to do nothing.

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