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It says a whole lot about the kind of trustworthy person you are.

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Best of all, you pay no money whatsoever at the Short Friends Dating Site, its totally free!

Browse single short persons and meet new friends today! Are you yourself of short stature and youre looking to meet others like you in your local area?

And when disclosing that we have herpes comes from a heart place instead of a shame place, then there really is no such thing as rejection (talked about at length in the herpes disclosure e-book).

It just becomes their preference against herpes, not against you as a person.

Some people can’t live with people who travel all the time, some people can.

Some people couldn’t date midgets or super tall people; to others, that’s their thing.

Learn how to be okay enough with who you are to put yourself out there and take the chance.

There’s a lot of strength that comes with living with herpes and disclosing it to potential partners.

And everyone’s got baggage and skeletons in the closet, too. Herpes just happens to be one of those shame candidates for us.

There are plenty of things that I’d rather not “admit to” on the very first date before the prospective partner has had a chance to get to know the real me, the deep-down me.

Disclosure becomes a caring and authentic thing we do that shows the kind of person we are — at our core, underneath it all.

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