Dating services spokane radiometric dating of the oldest rocks on earth

IP Street is the first and only resource of its kind that evaluates a patent at its essence by assessing claim language with state-of-the-art precision.With IP Street, manage competitive threats, gain intelligence into potential risks or infringements, find patented technology relevant to your products, identify patent ownership, and assess key patent quality.These kiosks allow customers to fill their reusable containers with purified hot, cold, or carbonated water, adding the ability to personalize their beverage with tea, lemonade, 100% juices and nutritional supplements.

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2nd Watch assists customers in evaluating the economics of moving IT operations into AWS, designs and builds highly reliable and scalable AWS based enterprise IT platforms, and provides software tools and management services that enable enterprises to deploy, manage and optimize cloud based IT operations infrastructure.

Ag Energy Solutions effectively solves the excess field residue biomass problems that plague farmers.

IP Street is an easy to use, web-based search tool which allows you to quickly discover Intellectual Property and patent information that is of most value to you and your company.

IP Street offers the next generation of IP analytics tools, providing detailed insights into patent areas, company patent strategies and evaluations of patents as a business asset.

Providing looks for the diehard fanatic or the closet enthusiast our styles are available with or without school logos, so you can choose whether you want to show your school pride loud and proud, or a little more subtle with just some game day colors!

Pacinian is a technology company passionate about improving the user experience by enabling digital devices to provide compelling, natural tactile feedback.

Next IT delivers solutions that revolutionize how technology interacts with people.

Our Alme natural language platform empowers users to get more done by doing what is most natural—having a conversation.

Invented by Brooke Martin, age 14, i CPooch is an Internet-enabled device that lets dog owners video chat with their dog and deliver a dog cookie from anywhere, with the push of a button on their smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Green Cupboards is a leading online retailer of eco-friendly products for homes and businesses.

Armed with this new information, decision makers can now efficiently tailor risk mitigation budgets to the highest loss exposure areas, thus saving money and reducing liabilities to the business. provides customers with healthy on-the-go refreshments at our green, waste-free vending kiosks.

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