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While reciprocity of dating violence does not necessarily mean that the frequency or the severity of the violence is equal or similar between partners, it does indicate that both dating partners engage in violence.To date, there is limited research on reciprocity of dating violence among youth; one study shows that the percentage of violent adolescent relationships, in which there was reciprocal partner violence, ranged from 45% to 72%.

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METHODS: Analyses were based on data from the Youth Violence Survey, conducted in 2004, and administered to over 80% of public school students in grades 7, 9, 11, and 12 (N=4,131) in a high-risk, urban school district.

The current analyses were restricted to those who reported dating in the past year and who also reported any dating violence (n=1,158).

Girls who reported any dating violence were more likely to report reciprocal dating violence (50.4%) than were boys (38.9%).

However, reciprocity did not vary by race/ethnicity or grade level.

Reciprocal dating violence was more common among participants who reported more frequent violence experiences.

Reciprocal violence was also associated with greater injury occurrences relative to non-reciprocal relationships (10.1% versus 1.2%).

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These findings underscore the importance of addressing dating violence and factors that increase risk for reciprocal violence and therefore exacerbate injury occurrence.

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