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Sex trafficking and coerced prostitution have become a growing concern for European nations like Germany, in which prostitution is legal and where the business has grown so much that the prices are falling even as demand rises for additional workers. study found that human trafficking increased by 18% between 20 while the number of convictions for the crime fell by 13%.The official number of trafficking victims in Europe is about 23,600, according to a 2013 E. report, but because sex trafficking is so difficult to trace, the European Commission estimates that the official number doesn’t come close to documenting what they believe are hundreds of thousands of trafficked men, women and children in Europe, most of whom come from East European nations recently admitted to the union. About 62% of all those trafficked are exploited for sexual purposes, according to European Commission data, and 68% of sex-trafficking victims were women, 17% men, 12% girls and 3% boys.His trip to a brothel in the Dutch capital's red light district next month is being funded through a £520million scheme introduced by the last government to empower those with disabilities.

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'Refusing to offer him this service would be a violation of his human rights.' Paying for sex is not illegal but soliciting sexual services, kerb crawling and paying for sex with women who have been coerced into prostitution is.

The social worker added: 'Who says he can't do what he wants?

Some estimates put the number of prostitutes in Germany at about 400,000, many of whom are foreign nationals from economically stressed parts of Europe like Bulgaria and Romania.

According to the , the country’s sex industry is worth $21 billion a year, and several 12-story megabrothels have opened.

In an interview with the German news site the Local, co-founder Pia Poppenreiter said the idea came to her when she was walking through the red-light district at night.

“I was walking down Oranienburger Straße — I know it sounds cheesy, but it’s the truth — it was chilly, and I saw the poor girls on the streets, and I thought, why isn’t there an app?

Critics yesterday said the use of taxpayers' money to fund sex trips abroad as 'deeply worrying'.

In Greater Manchester and Norfolk, social care clients have used their payments for internet dating subscriptions.

A survey by The Outsiders and TLC Trusts - groups which campaign for the sexual rights of people with disabilities - found most local authorities said they did not 'condone' transfer of their funds to pay for sex.

But of 121 councils who responded, 97 per cent said they had no offical policy on the topic.

Neil Coyle, director of policy at Disability Alliance, said most people with disabilities did not want or expect the state to pay for sexual services.

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