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Here's the pitch: "When it comes to dating for romantic purposes, you can look in a room and know instantaneously who you have a connection with. When it comes to friendship, it's hard to look around and see who you have something in common with," said Hey! "You can't know who is also going through a divorce or who is new to town."On an app, you can know those things, and know for sure that the person in the picture wants to meet you, too. She met guys all the time through Ok Cupid, but found it much harder to meet women she shared interests with outside of work.

Simplifying the process is what made dating apps such as Tinder so attractive in the first place. That's when she started "Women Who Vino," a wine happy hour group that has been going strong for more than three years.

You wouldn't wait a month to see a potential boyfriend again. But here's the difference: You're not just looking for one person."You don't have to be exclusive, or dismiss people easily," Nelson said.

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"The teachers answered questions in turn," she said, "and the third or fourth person found it really difficult to say something new, having heard all the other responses.

This way the interviewee meets the pupils individually.

Our goal is make sure not only you're getting the most out of your membership, but that we're making a difference in Lafayette.

Miranda Baldwin, an assistant head at the school, said the speed-dating arrangement was more productive than a previous method tried by the school, in which job candidates were questioned in groups of three or four by student council representatives.

People who like wine when we like coffee, or like going outdoors when we like staying inside.

If you're going to try a friendship-finding app, take some advice from Shasta Nelson, author of "Frientimacy: How to Deepen Friendships for Lifelong Health and Happiness," and the founder of Girl Friend, a website that helps women meet one another.

But Poole and her co-creator, Jen Aprahamian, are betting that if you need friends, you'll take a chance."People are moving more than they ever have before," Poole said.

"And even if you stay put, your friends move away, get married or have children.

Looking for a more engaging way to present materials to students without tying up days for presentations?

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