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Dating violence can occur in any relationship, whether it is casual and short-term or long-term and monogamous, and any young person can experience dating violence or other unhealthy relationship behaviors -- regardless of gender, race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status.

Dating prijatelji 2016

u 12 časova u ,, Pozorištu za decu Kragujevac”, igrati predstava – ,, KROKI I PRIJATELj I”. “Kroki i prijatelji” Kroki je krokodil, koji živi u kućici na ivici šume.

Sada imamo predstavu u kojoj su posetioci tu, tik uz nas…

The cycle of violence can begin with anyone at any time, and as a society, we must acknowledge that we each have a role to play in teaching children about healthy relationships.

In their formative years, teens are influenced by their early relationships, and the example set by those around them can have lasting consequences.

Organisations can benefit from the branding and the promotion of their events through a central website located on the Europa website.

Events will be held across the 37 participating countries with a majority of European and international events taking place in Brussels.

This month, let us seize our responsibility to set positive examples for our Nation's teenagers by celebrating and demonstrating healthy relationships, and let us recommit to ensuring all people who may be in an abusive relationship have access to help and support.

Together, we can reach a day when no young person knows the pain caused by dating violence.

„Kroki i prijatelji” je priča o prijateljstvu i odnosu prema stvarima i prirodi. Videćemo kako će se Kroki osećati u trenutku kada pomisli da su prijatelji zaboravili na njegov rođendan.

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My Administration will keep forging a future in which no teenager must suffer due to having an abusive partner.

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