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This created a need for a formal system that recorded offenses along with measured identity traits of the offender.

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These measurements were written on cards that could be sorted by height, arm length or any other parameter. The other approach was the formal use of fingerprints by police departments.

This process emerged in South America, Asia, and Europe.

Chinese parents also used fingerprints and footprints to differentiate children from one another.

• In early Egyptian history, traders were identified by their physical descriptors to differentiate between trusted traders of known reputation and previous successful transactions, and those new to the market.

1894 – The Tragedy of Pudd’nhead Wilson is published In The Tragedy of Pudd’nhead Wilson, author Mark Twain mentions the use of fingerprints for identification.

In the story, a man on trial calls on the comparison of his fingerprints to those left at the crime scene to prove his innocence.

Other characteristics have also been used throughout the history of civilization as a more formal means of recognition.

Some examples are: • In a cave estimated to be at least 31,000 years old, the walls are adorned with paintings believed to be created by prehistoric men who lived there.

January 14, 2015 - Introduction The term “biometrics” is derived from the Greek words “bio” (life) and “metrics” (to measure).

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