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In December 2005 the global demand for crude oil was 83.3 million barrels per day according to the International Energy Agency (IEA) and will rise further.

On an international level there are a number of different types of crude oil, each of which have different properties and prices.

A map of northern Alaska; the dotted line shows the southern boundary of the North Slope. state of Alaska located on the northern slope of the Brooks Range along the coast of two marginal seas of the Arctic Ocean, the Chukchi Sea being on the western side of Point Barrow, and the Beaufort Sea on the eastern.

The National Petroleum Reserve -Alaska is to the West, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to the east, and Prudhoe Bay is between them. The Alaska North Slope region includes the National Petroleum Reserve–Alaska, with the bulk of Alaska's known petroleum until the Prudhoe Bay Oil Field was discovered in 1968, followed by the Kuparuk River oil field in 1969.

Besides its primary role as the most important energy source, crude oil is also an essential raw material for manufacturing plastics. Because the supply of crude oil is limited but demand is constantly growing, the price of oil is also continuously rising.

Because crude oil is needed to manufacture other primary materials, it is the world’s most important commodity.

Production and handling The major constituent fields include Prudhoe Bay, Kaparuk, Lisburne, and Endicott. Exxon Mobil markets ~110 kbd of ANS, primarily to customers on the west coast of the United States.

These facilities are located approximately 600 miles north of Valdez, Alaska. Logistics Data ANS is loaded at the Alyeska Valdez, Alaska Marine Terminal into American flag vessels as required by United States statutes.

These are standardized products used to determine the prices for all other types.

The reference oil traded most frequently and of major significance for the USA is West Texas Intermediate (WTI), while the most important in Asia is Dubai Fateh.

The source rock for the Prudhoe Bay Oil Field and neighboring reserves is also a potential source for tight oil and shale gas – possibly containing "up to 2 billion barrels of technically recoverable oil and up to 80 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, according to a 2012 U. Geological Survey report." Landsat 7 false-color image of the North Slope.

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