Dating my zippo lighter Hot chat free trial

Unless there's a larger problem, you should have your lighter working again in just a few moments. First, make sure that the Zippo has enough lighter fluid.

Even if you just added some a few days ago, it's worth checking again.

Go to a good cigar store for a hands-on lesson in good Zippo mythology. Works as a highly flammable nail polish remover also. Any lighter that you get in the states that says "Zippo" on it, and is less than $50 US, is not worth bragging about. Another more learned person is sure to come by and offer you more specific advice, but the short answer is that your's is fake/not worth much. You buy it in a legitimate store or off the street. If you're having a problem with the lighter's odor. Anyway, pull the top pack out and fill it about halfway and tightly put the pack back in. Keep the wick trimmed below the top of the wind guard. They're sold by Zippo allright but not quite a cadillac if you know what I mean.

My apologies if that sounded harsh, but a genuine quality product usually costs about what it's worth. A good lighter you can fill through the hols in the wad but it sounds like you may have some leakage. I've got a couple or three really good old Zips that are still in good shape. I hate a damned disposable lighter and I've had sveral other brand name lighters as well. I had one,(and still do) anyway I used to take it fishing with me. they make nice gifts for folks who can appreciate a good lighter. None are worth a shit though, despite their $$ value. And I have seen Zippos for as cheap as $10 or $15, but that was about 10 years ago; I haven't looked at the prices lately.

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On the counterfeit zippo they show, it has I own a cheat $10 Zippo just because I felt like buying one. It showed the bottom stamp with the Zippo logo on it.

Also, the stamp is like, less pressed down on the left side then the rightside. My zippo is black and im not sure if it is plastic or metal body because I never checked, and I don't want to right now because it will start to smell like gas in here.

You don't really want to mail your beloved lighter back to the manufacturer: even though you don't have to pay for them to fix the problem, you'd really prefer to have the lighter on hand.

Nothing appears to be wrong with this lighter, but there's a problem.

Zippo Love Ebay Collections – Items I have found on ebay that I like or would like to have potentially.

These simple solutions will help you fix most problems with your Zippo lighter.

I own a cheat Zippo just because I felt like buying one. It showed the bottom stamp with the Zippo logo on it.

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