Dating in marriage

The quality of your date has nothing to do with the amount of money you spend on the date.The quality of the date has everything to do with how intentional and attentive you are when you are alone with your spouse.

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I (Jason) was busy trying to figure out how to financially support my new family so dating my wife wasn’t something I ever thought about. As our kids got older we had more time to be together.

Sure, we talked a lot about the vacations we wanted to take or all the places we wanted to eventually travel to but “dating” wasn’t on my radar. It was usually a call, a text or depending on your age, a page (yes, Erin had a pager when we first met). But at that point, we were in a serious rut of the occasional dinner together, maybe even a movie but our dates were still an afterthought and only happened when we had time. Because when we did go out, our conversations were reactive. Let’s face it, the romance was the original draw, right?

So I would say things to myself like “we will date when we have more money” or “we will date when the kids are older”.

Please note, I would say those things to myself and rarely to Jason.

And intentionally dating your spouse is great way to keep you marriage at the top of your priorities list.

Dating does not have to expensive, in fact, you can plan and go on an incredible date and not spend a dime.

But like most couples, we didn’t have very much money early on.

Young kids completely depleted our energy so I didn’t give it a lot of thought.

We will talk more about working dates in a future post but the accountability of planning one fun date a month keeps us both involved in bettering our marriage.

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