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We’re trying to get her off the train and save the passengers because the train will literally slam into the station as it’s going as fast as it can go. Eads: It’s almost like hanging out with an MMA fighter who has the belt in his weight class. And I think from a metaphorical standpoint, my character gives things levity. At the same time, I did a running head butt to head butt a bad guy. Eads: ‘Hawaii Five O’ worked really well and it was smart for them to grab Peter [Lenkov as a new executive producer] from over there and come in and help us with this. If you go back and look at the old one, I know it has a lot of die-hard fans and I know it was ahead of its time before its time. It was shot in that Jerry Bruckheimer style with dolly shots, putting the camera on rails so stylistically, it looked aesthetically more like a film. We had to have almost a separate production company handle stunts and inserts.

Q: My guess is Mac Gyver will come up with some solution to save the day? We load everyone into the back cars and figure a way to detach the train. I just think that idea and concept really held up well but looking back, I wasn’t aware how far TV has come. So on network television, the things we are up against, we have a giant stop watch behind our head.

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We rehearsed last night for a couple of hours and it’s usually with a pretty hefty bottle of red wine to get the juices flowing.

You get a massage and a meal, you’re so tired, you’re hitting it again.

He's really adorable and a fantastic actor (Grave Danger, when poor Nick was trapped in a coffin).

Last year, he won the Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series with the rest of the cast.

Eads character is Jack Dalton, who provides the muscle and the back up as Angus “Mac” Mac Gyver (played by Kell High School graduate Lucas Till) figures out ingenious ways to catch bad guys and escape sticky situations for a secret U. The original series starring Richard Dean Anderson was a mid-level hit for ABC from 1985 to 1992 and has been available on Netflix since July. Eads: I was treated really well there and I was treated really well there for a number of years. Now we’ve got a third camera, a C camera with another production company, a man named Steve Herrick came in, a good friend of Peter Lenkov’s. We may have been a family like in [seasons] three or four of ‘CSI’ through hardship. Eads: I don’t even think they had the players they wanted as far as the cast goes.

I caught up with Eads on the set of “Mac Gyver” at the Southeastern Railway Museum in Duluth earlier this month where the sixth episode was being shot. Les [Moonves, head of CBS] is a champion of mine and I’m a champion of his. We even re-shot a couple of scenes from episode three, making them better. It’s not the actors who are family or the characters who are family. If our crew is happy and concentrate on what they’re doing, we have smooth days and we become really close. Eads: The issues with the pilot, I don’t think the writing was there. Usually, a script may be changed four or five colors and that’s it. And I know they didn’t have the producing team they wanted. Eads: Lucas and I were the only ones who came back.

Til also talked about having watched when he was a kid, but was not an avid fan.

But he did admit to re-watching the series after work in order to research the role and he is up to season two.

But I was pole vaulter so diving into mats doesn’t bother me.

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