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While this style of game may not be everyone’s favorite, for those who do enjoy it this game comes highly recommended.Even those who are not as interested in the genre should check this game out, and will probably enjoy it like I did.” — Poison Kiwi “Girls and women playing Nancy Drew Sea of Darkness will talk to a variety of characters.

There may have been only one or two commenters that guessed this, but it turns out my boss wasn’t upset. He said he shouldn’t have been talking about his daughter like that at work and he didn’t realize how his comment about me sounded until I reacted like that. I wrote back to this letter-writer and said, “Thank you for this update, and for your good grace about the comments!

Then I apologized and told him that I was completely in the wrong to insinuate that about his daughter. He said he understood where that comment came from and that (remarkably) he didn’t take it personally. Thankfully, no other coworkers were within earshot (this happened in a conference room while waiting for some other coworkers to join us), and I don’t work with clients or customers anyway. I thought the word was normal and commonly used, because that’s how it was at home (the exact quote I blurted out was screamed at me countless times at home and I was called a whore several times a day by my teachers). To all of those saying my behavior is not Christian or that I am not a “true Christian”: I am well aware that Jesus was a friend of prostitutes, but Jesus is not all there is to Christianity. Also, I just wanted to say, I did not feel attacked at all by the comments. It appears some commenters think criticism of Christianity is an “attack” or “bashing,” but this is not so. I’m sorry you had that word screamed at you ever, let alone so frequently — that’s horrible and must have been a very difficult way to grow up.” She replied: “It was a difficult way to grow up *at the time*, but it kept me in line, and thus led me to become a better adult. (But we’ll probably disagree on that.)” While I do indeed disagree, I am deeply impressed with letter-writers who handle disagreement from a mob of strangers with this much grace.

This helps unlock new areas, acquire items, and learn the story. I enjoyed seeing the different areas and characters.” — Family Friendly Gaming Read full review “Overall Sea of Darkness was an enjoyable game, especially if you enjoy “brain teaser” puzzles that are more challenging than what’s found in today’s casual games.” — Game Boomers Read the full review I have been playing Nancy Drew Games since the 3rd one came out and I have to say this one is not my favorite.

Obviously the graphics and story line were great but what got me was every corner I turned to, there was yet another puzzle.

Sea of Darkness is filled with complicated puzzles and a captivating cast of suspects.

This mystery will surely test your abilities.” — True PC Gaming Read full review “Overall, an intriguing mystery, strong acting, and a variety of interesting places to explore overcame the lack of proper puzzle integration for me.

The price point is well worth the hours of enjoyment you’ll receive from solving a mystery alongside the most famous young female detective of all time.

So grab a copy and, as Her Interactive challenges you to do in the opening titles, “Dare to Play.”” — Computer Times Read full review is highly entertaining and charming to boot.

The gameplay is the same like the previous games, but you got the possibility to earn money and get souvenirs but don’t forget your main goal though.” — 3rd Strike Games Read full review “Overall I was pleasantly surprised by this game.

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