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Outside the cathedral, as the rite of his ordination proceeded, a local woman told a newspaper reporter: "I do hope the new bishop's a Christian."The Bishop is, indeed, a Christian – probably the most intellectually respectable evangelical in the Church of England.

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His views on the global future of Christianity are thought-provoking: in 1998 he told me that the centre of Christianity, which had shifted from the eastern Mediterranean to Western Europe with the rise of Islam, was now shifting again, to eastern Asia, and that the dominant model of the future would be Chinese Christianity – "conservative, pragmatist, evangelical" as he described it.

It's not a bad description, either, for his flavour of Anglicanism, except that he does have a fondness for ideas for their own sake."If Anita Roddick were Chinese," he said, warming to his theme, "she would be a Christian." He went on to talk at length about how "Asian Christianity gets its leading ideas from business and has management as its model of power.

"People would ask me to build a church and to have people worship in it.

Here, of course, the situation is the other way round."The diocese of Rochester, founded in 604AD, has 264 churches, but few of these are full.Pour le média, précisez le nom de la radio, du magazine, de la chaine de télé, du lieu où vous avez eu connaissance de notre prospectus, le mot clé tapé sur internet, etc. Si vous ne répondez pas correctement aux questions posées à la deuxième page.Répondez sérieusement car vos réponses permettront d’éclairer les autres membres sur votre personnalité et de savoir si vous êtes oui ou non compatibles.Yet he is none the less an unusual candidate and not at all as mainstream as he seems.Michael Nazir-Ali was born in 1949 in Karachi, Pakistan.He has been trusted with the difficult role of chairing the committee that decides how the Church of England can most gracefully split when it gets round to appointing women bishops and the rump of irreconcilables have to leave. One firm of bookmakers installed him as 3-1 favourite for the job.

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