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At the end, I always avoid these meetings, and he, again, keeps asking for me. Then, after his last attempt, I finally show up, but his wife shows up as well.I'm fully clothed across the room, and he is on the couch, exposed. A little startled, I slip away to where the wall should be, but I pass by columns and see people who I know.

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Dating dream about male friend

I collaborated with famed dream expert, Lauri Loewenberg, to decode any and all of your freakiest sex dreams.

And I've had a guilty conscience about it ever since.

We've all had that feeling of waking up and thinking, “WHERE DID THAT COME FROM?! ”I had a dream about a random kid from my high school last year. Thank the LORD that Lauri managed to use her expertise to make me feel less like a total freak.

Lauri started off by telling me that having pervy sex dreams don't make us quite as pervy as we thought: Sex in a dream is rarely about sex at all!

They all look at me or pretend I'm not there, but their presence is cold.

I can tell they disapprove of me, and I felt very alone.

And most of the time, balls are a pretty handy tool in doing so.

I hope this was helpful to Lainey and anyone else who had a dream about someone pressuring them into having sex.

(Female energy is the part of you that is sensitive and nurturing.) Has anything been going on lately where you need to connect with and utilize your assertive male energy?

Do you need to grow some balls and handle something?

(Sorry to take the fun out of it.) In most cases, sex in a dream is not about a physical union you want, but rather [it's about] a psychological union you need or want.

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