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And what do You have to have one of those things, and it has to be a value add to our community.” Each day, The League matches users with four potential suitors based on their preferences—education, location, height, age, and gender (the app is LGBT friendly, though it’s a smaller pool), among others.

Matches expire without communication after 21 days.

Once downloaded, users are waitlisted until they’re allowed access to the “curated community.” The app’s algorithm screens out those without clear photos and with missing education and work information.

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I recently attended a wedding where, amidst the celebrations and the couple’s tear-inducing vows, attendees learned the happy couple met on a dating app. Since Tinder’s arrival in 2012, dating apps are no longer considered taboo; rather, they’re our new normal.

About 40 percent of Americans use online and/or mobile dating to meet potential mates.

In order to create a safe and healthy place for Christian singles to gather for fellowship, teaching, and friendship, we review people's available public online information to make sure they are not actively engaging in any unhealthy behaviors that could be harmful to our group or any of its members. If a current member sees a new person coming that they have personal knowledge (first hand or from other group/church connections) has exhibited unhealthy behaviors or activities that could be harmful to our group or upsetting to any of our members, a "Member-Alert" can be sent to the leaders with specific details.

In some cases, we reserve the right to delete the new person's name from our member list and ask them not to return to the group without providing specific details (especially if details may put someone's emotional or physical safety in jeopardy) .

This multi-church community-wide singles ministry that is offered on a Tuesday night allows singles to connect with others while still staying involved in their own church.

For some single adults who do not attend church at this time, this ministry is a place that helps them on their spiritual journey to become a Christian or to rediscover their Christian faith.vember 2011 with 30 people and had grown to nearly 1900 Members with on average 150 people attending each week.

Christian Singles In Fun small group conversations/discussions PLUS social events and impromptu outings, activities, trips, and more Teaching series are done by Janie Mills.

Janie is one of the original founders of this Christ Centered Group, has been in Singles Ministry for over 24 years, has taught hundreds and hundreds of singles through healthy relationships and Divorce Recovery. If you can't come in time for the meal, you can still come for the Message at 7pm and Small Group Mixer.

Many groups have started off this original group so at this time we have about 50 who come weekly however, expect in the New Year for more to start once again.

However, don't let the group size intimidate you, since everyone meets together at tables of 8 for dinner and small group discussions after the message, it has a non-threatening and friendly feel that allow people to meet and get to know others in a comfortable setting. Some people are coming or car-pooling from Breckenridge/Mountains, Boulder & North Denver area, Brighton, East Side of the Denver Metro, Colorado Springs/El Paso County, Castle Rock, and Parker/SE side of Denver metro.

s from more than 200 churches from the Denver Metro area and beyond.

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