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My experience so far with Vanessa has been awesome.

I am 25 and have worked with several therapists over the last 10 years, and I feel like I have gotten more out of my work with Vanessa than I have with all the therapists put together. I was weary about it at first, but it really makes no difference.

Through this they have developed a deep understanding of the gifts and frustrations of life with ADHD.

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It gives her a chance to come prepared with insight and a good idea as to what my past week has looked like.

Also, this is great to have on hand myself, so I can look back several weeks and see how I've progressed.

If we are wired for connection and relationships, why is it so hard sometimes?

It is common for our “stuff”, “issues”, “baggage”, whatever you want to call it, to surface in our closest, most intimate relationships.

Jessica was also very flexible with her schedule, meeting, etc and it only took several sessions to reap a major reward for her services.

I highly recommend Jessica to anyone who needs help with organization, identifying short/long term career goals/objectives, and creating a solid foundation for future academic of career endeavors. Accomplish the destiny God has for your life and relationship by getting marriage and personal life coaching services from Erica Johnson.

She was extremely enthusiastic about providing me support, understanding of the challenges I faced, and open-minded about how to move forward with certain projects.

Her "get to work" attitude was a breath of fresh air and it was very easy to see that she is well qualified to help young professionals and students of various different backgrounds.

The most important and significant part of the process has to do with YOU.

These are just a few questions that you should be asking yourself on your dating journey.

My toolbox is already full of tools that I can use to improve my overall quality of life. I can talk to her over my lunch hour, and not take a ton of time out of my day to commute, sit in traffic, etc.

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