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Nowadays various other educational series - presidents, baseball players, inventors, etc. Players try to collect sets of four cards by asking other players for them.

You can order Authors cards of various types from This is a kind of board wargame, but played entirely with cards, some of which represent land.

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Rules were included for five games involving making words, either on a layout or by collecting cards in your hand.

A combat game for 2-4 players, but not a CCG (trading game).

Since this page has become rather large, here is an alphabetical index to help you find the game you want: The symbol indicates entries that have recently been added to the page.

It does not necessarily mean that the game itself is new.

This page contains links to information about various proprietary card games which require a special pack of cards promoted and sold by a particular manufacturer.

I am not actively developing this part of the site, but from time to time I will include here relevant information and links that I come across or that people send me.Each player simultaneously selects a card from their hand and these cards are played according to various rules to a layout consisting of four rows.The cards in each row must be in ascending order, and a row cannot contain more than 5 cards.Rules in various languages are available from the Amigo game instructions page.The Walking Dead includes a variant in which the aim is to collect points rather than avoid them, and some extra 'Hero cards', one per player, which can be used to play a card out of sequence. There are three 'ages' in each of which you begin with a hand of seven cards, play one and pass the remainder to your neighbour.The game components are free - you can download and print out the rules the card designs from the web site, cut out the cards and play.

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