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This doesn’t always inspire confidence like the Marlboro Man.Men Don’t Go Both Ways means that whether you’re expecting the Marlboro Man to start sharing or expecting the Sensitive Artist to stop sharing, you’re wasting your time.Is this a deal breaker, or is this something I should just give more time to see if he can overcome it?

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No, we want our dates to be all things at all times.

The ideal man should be: Strong and stoic, but sensitive and open to sharing.

A highly sensitive person (HSP) is a psych term that became popular in the 1990s.

It’s suspected that 15-20% of the population is HSP.

But the reason that I’m writing this is that, at some point, you’re going to have to make a CHOICE.

And as a dating coach whose job is to help men and women understand each other, that’s the thing that I see more than anything: nobody wants to make a choice between different people.

So when you’re angry and being passive-aggressive, they’ll know, and be able to tend to whatever is actually upsetting you. Greater awareness of verbal and emotional subtleties HSM read between the lines and pick up on tones as well as the hidden meanings behind what you say. Once they build an emotional bond with someone, they don’t let go of it easily. These attributes make for caring, sensitive, and all-around fabulous partners.

So if you, yourself, are not a great communicator, HSM can help you better express yourself. Value alone time HSM know they get easily stimulated and overwhelmed, so they value their time to themselves to relax and recuperate.

I finally met an emotionally available, nice guy after going through my fair share of emotionally unavailable men.

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