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Born in a crowded NY ghetto, she looked beyond her surroundings and envisioned a world of beautiful things. Alexander, who depended on a large portion of his dolls coming from Germany, trade embargos threatened to close the doors of his doll shop.She had the intelligence, the resourcefulness and the bravery to pursue her goals, no matter what the odds might be. Beatrice and her siblings refused to let this be the outcome, and using what materials they could get with relative ease, they created a little cloth doll in the costume of a Red Cross Worker.Living in a small Brooklyn aparment above the doll shop and doll hospital of her first-generation-American father, Beatrice's daily life was amongst the lovely dolls of the Edwardian age.

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To the right we see an amazingly mint condition Madame Alexander doll from 1935.

This character was called Mc Guffey Anna and she stands 9" high.

1930's - A period of transition and invention for Madame Alexander Dolls During the Great Depression, Madame Alexander first began producing dolls made of composition.

The company's first famous composition dolls were released in conjunction with Walt Disney's The Three Little Pigs in 1933, and the two enterprises began a lasting partnership.

She wanted to share her beautiful vision with children, and her personal desire for presenting herself as an elegant person of substance led to her adopting the title Madam Alexander, which first appeared in an article in a 1928 edition of the magazine Playthings.

To the left, we have a wonderful example of a more advanced cloth doll from the early 1930's. He stands at 16" and features an all muslin body, but the felt mask face is a step toward greater realism, compared to the earlier Alice in Wonderland.

To understand how Beatrice felt about her work, consider the following quote explaining her philosphy: "Dolls should contribute to a child's understanding of people, other times and other places.

Dolls should develop an appreciation of art and literature in a child." It is little wonder, then, that storybook characters, early motion picture stars and international characters became some of Alexander's best first dolls, and were her recurring subjects for the rest of her career.

With a successful history of high-quality hand-crafted dolls that spans over 80 years, Madame Alexander has become a household name for collectors of vintage dolls.

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