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If sold at retail, casual games may have low prices to encourage impulse purchases, with colorful packaging and point of purchase sales displays.

Others are free on-line or free to download and try (but may provide a revenue by in-game advertising).

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The advent of Flash created a boom in web-based games, encouraging designers to create simple games that could be played to completion in one short sitting.

One of the most prominent casual games, Bejeweled, started out as a Flash game.

The company advertised its very popular Microsoft Entertainment Packs for casual gaming on office computers.

Other casual games of the era included Sierra On-Line's Hoyle's Official Book of Games and Crazy Nick's Software Picks, Villa Crespo's The Coffee Break Series, and Epyx's Chip's Challenge.

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These games have a wide range of gameplay styles, can be played on almost any computer, and have often been written to be played from within a web browser, using Flash or Shockwave.

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