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A substrate coated with a cured layer of the powder coating composition as described in any one of claims 1 to 15, the layer having a DFT of at least 65 microns, preferably of between 70 and 130 microns and more preferably of between 75 and 100 microns.19.The coated substrate according to claim 18, wherein said layer has a DFT of between 65 and 100 microns, and wherein said cured coating composition meets the pass requirements of the procedure of ISO 09227 when subjected to 500 hours hot neutral salt spray.20.A powder coating composition comprising a resin component and a filler, wherein the resin component comprises a first silicone resin and a second silicone resin, said first and second silicone resins being characterized by having melt viscosities, as measured at 1406.

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This consequence lead to the development of coatings and paints that incorporated polysiloxane resins, as described in US Patent No. In the examples a mixture of siloxane resins is mentioned, viz.

a mixture of Dow Corning 1 -0543 and Dow Corning Z- 6018.

These resins have the following properties: - Dow Corning 1 -0543 (now DC 220) Tg = 49°C, viscosity at 140C of 14.1 poise.

Despite showing improved temperature resistance, coatings containing polysiloxane resins were still found to exhibit deleterious effects at the high temperatures.

You would also have to be aware of any procedure bundles that are applied by your payer that might be different from those developed by Medicare.

If you assumed this payer went by the Medicare relative value system and a 50% reduction for the second and third procedures (the “add-on” should not be discounted by the payer as it is valued based solely on the intraoperative portion for that procedure), the second option would be marginally better. Witt, former program manager in the Department of Coding and Nomenclature at the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, is an independent coding and documentation consultant.

Q I need CPT codes for the following surgical procedures performed on 1 patient on the same day: transvaginal hysterectomy, anterior pelvic floor reconstruction with Pelvicol graft tissue, posterior colporrhaphy, enterocele repair, and a bilateral vaginal vault suspension with the IVS tunneler system.

A This type of multifaceted surgery can be coded in several different ways, but you need to be aware of the relative value combinations you may come up with for the different options and the reduction that is applied by the payer when more than 2 procedures are reported on 1 patient on the same day.

The powder coating composition according to claim 1 , wherein said first and second silicone resins are present in said composition in a ratio by weight (First Silicone: Second Silicone Resin) of between 2:1 and 1 :2, wherein said composition comprises between 20 and 60 wt.%, based on the weight of the resin component, of a filler comprising fibers of the aluminium, silicon and magnesium mixed metal oxide, and wherein said composition further comprises between 2 and 10 wt.%, based on the total weight of the composition, of a flow additive comprising a difunctional acrylic resin.16.

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