Danyall on skype

While some parts of cities have become playgrounds for the privileged, others have become home to the poor and marginalized.

Often these two very different ways of life exist in close proximity, says Teddy Cruz on the TEDGlobal 2013 stage…

Watch now TED prizewinner Sugata Mitra brings together a panel of educational innovators—and, via Skype, their students and teachers.

From this question, his new show Be Like Water examines shifting identities of all kinds…

Watch now In this Found in Translation Session, Pico leads a discussion on whether foreignness exists.

TED Speakers are the thought-leaders who have created great things through crowdsourcing and collaboration.

At TED 2014, Skype enabled these individuals to co-create their next chapter in music, architecture, education etc.

Today, more than 10,000 translators are working together to translate TED Talks into 98 languages and counting.

Skype bridged the gap between the translators and the TED Speakers to break communication barriers, both linguistically and geographically.Sports Illustrated reporter David Epstein asks these questions to a mix of pro and Olympic-caliber athletes over Skype—and uncovers where the answers might lead. Watch now Go behind the scenes with Brooklyn musician Frank Bell as he uses Skype to participate in a panel at TED2014 on crowdfunding, joining musician Amanda Palmer, writer Neil Gaiman and Kickstarter’s co-founder Yancey Strickler.Watch now The Open Translation Project began with a grassroots spirit and the enthusiasm of people to share TED Talks with friends and relatives who didn’t speak English.In this Found in Translation Session, June and a global panel of TED Translators explore what it means to connect with other translators…Watch now An Xiao Mina is a writer, technologist and researcher who studies how internet culture and humor address political issues around the world.This can also work as a kind of masterclass if you are working on a particular piece, for a competition, for example.

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