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The series has spawned an official magazine and a tie-in novel.The fourth season of Prison Break returned from its mid-season break in a new timeslot on April 17, 2009, for the series' last six episodes.Dailly was granted a protective order and Chris must stay 100-yards away from her and their son.

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He got his rise in fame after starring the role of James Whistler in the TV series Prison Break.

Chris Vance, the star of "Transporter: The Series" is going through a bitter divorce and things have gotten so bad, his soon-to-be ex-wife was granted a restraining order.

They were happy to be each other’s loving spouse but, unfortunately, this married life didn't last that long and they got divorced in 2007 and ever since Chris is enjoying his singlehood. While Chris was in Lawrence Weston, Bristol, he got enrolled at St Bede's Secondary School.

He completed his high school graduation from there and then he joined Newcastle University with a major in civil engineering. Edit While Chris was in Lawrence Weston, Bristol, he got enrolled at St Bede's Secondary School.

According to the docs, Vance's wife Monira Dailly says his drinking has gotten out of control and she fears he will forcefully take their 2-year-old son.

Dailly says Chris is verbally abusive -- calling her the "c-word" and a "f**king idiot" in front of their child. Dailly says Chris has accused her of giving him STDs -- something she says was later proven false.

The success of the series has inspired short videos for mobile phones, several official tie-ins in print and on the Internet, as well as a video game.

A spin-off series, Prison Break: Proof of Innocence, was produced exclusively for mobile phones.

The series was produced by Adelstein-Parouse Productions, in association with Original Television and 20th Century Fox Television.

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