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The show follows Valerie (Michaela Watkins), a therapist and recent divorcee, trying to conquer the foreign world of casual dating. Watkins delivers her biting lines with a softness that renders them more reflective and less gratingly scathing (as they could so easily be). Dewey as Alex is cynical and charming, but never cloying, and Ms.

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You will rarely see them doing it alone, someone who has already done the workout will cheer them on, run with them, and be with them until the very end.(3) They are willing to do the work. They know that improving their fitness is worth the work.(4) They are friendly to EVERYONE.

Despite how scary the thought of walking into a Crossfit gym can be, it is actually the exact opposite once you get inside.

To recuperate, Valerie and her daughter Laura (Tara Lynne Barr) move in with respective brother/uncle Alex (Tommy Dewey). Barr’s turn as an aggressively sexually active teen rounds out the two.

is much less plot driven than it is thematic, so it makes sense that the most compelling aspect of the show is how the three navigate approaches at casual dating.

Everyone is friendly and welcoming to the visitors and new members.(5) Time management.

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