Cow dating games

The game may also be played by two teams of 2–3 players, with the team members discussing their strategy before selecting a move. Because the game has simple rules, while it is difficult and entertaining, there are many computer variants; it is often included in telephones and PDAs.

It is proven that any number could be solved within seven turns.

Minimal average game length is 26274/5040=5.2131 turns.

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Alternate versions of the game can be played with 3-letter or 5-letter words, but the 4-letter version is the most popular.

Several versions of this game are available for Computer & Mobile devices.

She was hired around Summer of 2016 and is now a recurring member on the regular uploaded videos.

Due to not having a formal introduction to Cow Chop, Anna was revealed either through Twitter/Reddit posts and little edited tidbits showing her in random videos.

On a sheet of paper, the players each write a 4-digit secret number. Then, in turn, the players try to guess their opponent's number who gives the number of matches.

If the matching digits are in their right positions, they are "bulls", if in different positions, they are "cows".

The first official massively multiplayer (MMO) version of this game was first made available for Android devices under the name WORD - Multiplayer Word Game.

The Game play for letter version of this game is as follows.

Host responds with the number of Cows & Bulls for each guessed word.

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