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These women aren't uninterested or uninteresting; they simply haven't had to learn how to communicate with real people in real situations based on the world they grew up in. But just because you can also try Farmers if you're not technically a farmer, doesn't mean it's a good idea.But what is a first date other than a test of communication between two strangers who are tossing around the idea of potentially engaging in sexual and emotional trust with the other? For these reasons, I beg of you to stay within the 8-year rule. For example, generally, you try to avoid people with two first names or those who abbreviate the word probably as “probs.” But you never know; that one awful abbreviator could be your soulmate.

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On how she got into comedy"I've always loved comedy. When I was a lot younger, like 4, I wanted to be a doctor.

I've always loved trying to turn sad moments into happy moments. Then I decided to sign up again, and we did the same thing, but the show didn't go as well as I wanted. I was a little bit more nervous, I wasn't timing correctly. I thought that'd be awesome, because I like the idea of saving people's lives.

However, I am saying that if you're 30 and dating someone who lives with their parents… This one is going to make me sound old AF, and I'm OK with that.

It starts with how frequently they text, how surprised they are by phone calls as a mode of communication and how irresponsibly they handle getting back to people in a timely, appropriate fashion.

To be clear, not knowing who The Fugees are or simply missing someone's references doesn't make you a bad person.

It makes you ignorant of great music, and definitely not a match.I go to a wonderful school where there's actually a lot of other kids that do... And I'm not talking about Mike Pence."On other comedians who have influenced her"I love Joan Rivers. They make you laugh, but they also, you look at the world through a different perspective."On whether she wants to have a career in comedy"Maybe.The 8-year rule states that you shouldn't date anyone outside of an 8-year age range. I've dated (or tried to date) women who are older, younger and, if you'll believe it, exactly the same age as I am.I am aware there are possibilities where two people can successfully date with an age gap of more than eight years. (Seriously, she was born on the same day and same year.Here are four problems you'll likely run into if you break the 8-year rule: I once went out with a woman who was under the impression that Lauryn Hill was made famous by being in "Sister Act 2."Now, there are a few reactions you can have to this.

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