Chris comic hazelton misfile updating

The webcomic has way too much dialogue for its own good.

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Fortunately, due to a side effect of the accident, only these three remember the universe-as-it-was.

Lucky, because Rumisiel fears his superiors would likely 'correct' the misfile by making it permanent.

Animu line drawings which have gotten better over time.

He has an odd quirk about drawing girls with their hands at 90 degree angles to their bodies when they talk a lot.

It revolves around Ash, a guy who got turned into a girl when an angel ‘misfiled’ him as a girl when he got busted for smoking pot on the job.

The downfall of this is it focuses on the daily lives of the characters instead of more interesting things like racing (which is pretty bland).Also unusual is the fact that the "old universe", where Ash is a boy with emotionally distant parents and Emily is a college-bound senior with a mean streak, has literally never been seen in the comic, although it's often alluded to.Misfile is a Transgender webcomic with a little automobile racing thrown in to mix it up.The rare interesting transgender parts are usually skipped over within a week (it’s the only webcomic that shows how his life changed by being the opposite gender).I find the biggest crime they committed is the fact that this could have been pretty interesting webcomic but it went terribly wrong somewhere and it’s past the point where it could be corrected. Every book includes a race at the end and that’s pretty much the only thing you would ever want to read.The characters are pretty much bland and unoriginal.

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